As Natasha Beddingfield once said…

March 2008 – I thought I had pulled a muscle but it got more and more painful and then the bruising started to come out. Took about 2 weeks to slowly run down my leg and into my foot before disappearing. Not had many muscle bleeds before.
March 2008 – No idea how I got this one, probly poked meself in the night or something.
March 2008 – This was from a walk Ade and I went on in Cornwall on our holiday at Easter. Scuse the attractive nail polish which had been on since an 80’s party on New Year’s Eve – what a scuzzer…
April 2008 – Can’t remember which bit of me this is šŸ™‚ think it might be a thigh where I bashed it on our desk in the cellar – I know, not terribly sensible!
May 2008 – I slid down the stairs last week, I’ll blame the loose carpet, but it could be the half asleep bird. Banged me wrist against the bannister but at least it stopped me breaking me neck! We ain’t getting a bungliow Ade!! Did it on the Monday and the bruise came out Friday. Not too sore tho.
June 2008 – This is my latest masterpiece – not that you can see it very well – mobble pics I’m fraid. No idea how this one happened – nothing done to trigger it. Just woke up on Sunday with a very stiff shoulder and upper arm. Bruise started to come out late on Monday and this was taken Tuesday. Very nice…
June 2008 – Wednesday. Thought I’d do a day by day bruise progress for your delectation and mine. Want to see if this one will dribble down my arm before disappearing, like my leg bleed. Love the colours on this:)
June 2008 – This was taken this morning. You can see it’s going into my elbow. Had to wear an ankle support round it in bed last night cos it was throbbing so much. Had 3 of injections for this one so far. It is definitely another muscle bleed, my second spontaneous one in 3 months. Weird.

Guessed the song yet? It’s fairly bleeding obvious…


p.s. just had a slightly blushful moment – the door knocker went while doing this post,
“Ah Ade back from the dentist,”
I thought,
“not taken his blooming key again.”
As I went to open the door, I also bent down to pick up the post,
“He can have my backside to greet him,”
I thought,
“that’ll teach him to forget his keys!”
And stood up to see two confused looking blokes,
“We’ve come to look at your tv aeriel…”

0 thoughts on “As Natasha Beddingfield once said…

  1. You keep your tv aerial up your bum?! *lol* Yukky pics – but strangely pleasing at the same time. I love a good bruise – takes me back to when I was at uni and getting loads of bruising for no apparent reason so went to the nurse to get a blood test for further investigations. She was completely incompetent and couldn’t get the needle in, resulting in the biggest bruise I’ve ever had, that spread all the way round my forearm! doh! They never found out what it was – mystery virus, they said…Anyway, hope they all go down soon or I’ll be forced to scan in the pic of the dark purple bruise on my bum that looked like Australia…(well, you have to take pictures, don’t you, as you’ve proved by today’s blog!)Bx


  2. There was a girl who flew the world from a lonely shore Through southern snow to Heathrow to understand the law There was a boy who loved the noise of the underground He left the coast and overdosed on that London sound He said, “I don’t care if you’re black or blue, me and the stars stay up for you I don’t care who’s wrong or right and I don’t care for the U.K. tonight so stay, stay” And then one day she moved away from those garden walls She left some flowers, he smoked for hours She understood the law I don’t care if you’re black or blue Me and the stars stay up for you I don’t care who’s wrong or right And I don’t care for the U.K. tonight So stay, stay, stay, stay………. ……..there was a girl who flew the worldJaex


  3. Funny isn’t it how bruises are strangely satisfying:) Mystery virus eh? Mebbe that’s what’s been wrong with me all these years!! Please feel free to scan in your Aussie arse bruise – I’m sure we’d all like to see it- no?The NB song was “I bruise easily”. I know, very predictable but true enough. However, Jae you’ve persueded me that your lyrics are way better, so I’ll nick em if you don’t mind?? x


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