And the germs keep coming, coming …

On the second night of lurgy,my bad bug gave to me:12 tatty tissues11 sniffs a snivelling10 turns a tossing9 sudden sneezes 8 soothers sucked7 toilet trips6 chapters read5 vay pour ruuuubs4 drinks of water3 sleeping tablets2 lem sips And a damn near non-existent night's sleeeeeep!- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

You were only waiting for an angel from above

The sun was out and so were we.The conversation meandered past my ears.Amidst the children's shouts arose another sound.Gradually we stopped and listened.As we silenced, he crescendo-ed.We sought him out and his voice drew the eye.Perched on the conifer top.Basking his bright beak in the sun.He sang from the depth of his tiny body.Performing his … Continue reading You were only waiting for an angel from above