I don’t care if I’m black or blue…

… or purple or yellow or red.

Here’s the latest pics of my ever so colourful arm – damn it’s hard to find clothes to co-ordinate…
Friday 6 June – nicely dribbled down thro and below me elbow now. Still hurting – speshially when held over head like this – put it down then you silly billy!!
Saturday 7 June – freshly washed and still looking fairly gruesome. Luckily being in this spot on my arm means it’s hidden from view when you’re wandering down the road and no well meaning neighbour calls the domestic police!
Monday 9 June – Sunday was a day of photographic rest! It ain’t that bad now really – going all yellowy and old. Much less pretty to look at:) Rather like yellowy and old me. No sympathy required, them’s the facts! Only hurts in bed if I lie on it by mistake, and when trying to wash me hair in t’shower.
Wednesday 11 June – forgot yesterday so it must be getting better, right? Going, going …


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