Cruel, blood bourne virusWhat did they do to deserve you?Which batches of life saving treatmentConcealed you, left you waitingTo cause your devastationFor years and years and years?Like characters on a stageThe infected ones play their partIn this real-life tragedy.Life, death, love, sufferingIs their plot; performance not rehearsedBut delivered with anger and passion.No producers here; the … Continue reading CONTAMINATED

Blood Sweat and Tyres 2010

'Blood, Sweat & Tyres’ was started in 2005 and is off-road mountain-biking dedicated to raising money and awareness for 'The Haemophilia Society'. Trails are selected to be physically demanding in order to be worthy of sponsorship, but with the objective of giving both an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience for the riders.The Haemophilia Society was established … Continue reading Blood Sweat and Tyres 2010

Contaminated Blood Demonstration 30-06-2010

This week I attended the Contaminated Blood demonstration in London.  This is my account of the event:Karen and I and wheely bags.Train from Kiddypork pie and sandwiches.Change at SmethickDisappearing trainWhat the... where d'it go?? Next one appearsWill we make connection?Two minutes to spare,cross platform onto London train.Phew.Oh no.Fatality on the line.Diversion via Staffordnorth to go … Continue reading Contaminated Blood Demonstration 30-06-2010