My Mind and I

My mind meanders

It bounces from boulder to boulder,

Sometimes skipping around,

Sometimes eddying beside.

My mind weaves between my edges

Sometimes when they close in,

Rushing through the gap

Tumbling over itself.

Sometimes when they expand,

Drifting easily between

Taking time to look at the view.

My mind burbles and glistens

In the light that shines within and without.

From time to time

Momentary illumination.

Then reaches down and scatters

From the bottom,

The depths,

The detritus of thought.

Rolling the pieces over and over,

Carrying them along,

Revelling in the murk.

Until finally

As my mind lets go,

They drift back down

Settling once again.

We cavort

My mind and I.

Splitting into tributaries.

Broken and confused,

Springing from this to that.

We emerge

Into pools of peace.

Filling out,

Exhaling into the space,



Always flowing forward

Moving on



Until my mind dashes,

Falling helplessly,

Flailing over itself,

Off a cliff

And into the sea.

A deep eternal sea.

Reaching beyond.

Beyond my edges,

Beyond my perception,

Beyond it all.

My mind sinks in,

Spreads out.

Understands it is the ocean

and a mere droplet.

In it and of it.

Diffuse and dreamlike

I let my mind go.

Freeing it.

Seeing it

Float away.


Become part of the infinite.


That which is me, is in the sea.

Surrounded by everything my mind is

and is not.

Now the same.

I myself float,

Drifting on the buoyancy

I feel but do not yet find familiar



I stop

Stop seeking

Stop searching

I lie, eyes open, mind still

I breathe in

I breathe out,

And the sea

Breathes with me

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