My Psycho Moment…

Got out the shower yesterday to find this little bleeder:

Not quite sure how that started – think it could’ve been Norman stabbing me in the shoulder with a pin, ee ee ee…

I kept mopping and it kept not stopping:

Managed to get me towel on as you can see – not that you’d have wanted to see otherwise!

My hair towel came in very handy:

Clothing meself proved a little tricky but got so far. Managed to locate and apply a number of plasters – three to be precise – but within a minute there was a leak:

Took myself off to have an injection. Sitting in the dining room in my brassiere hoping that the neighbour wouldn’t choose that moment to gain access via our passage.

Blood drains from under me plaster
tissues blot it
don’t bleed on floor
attempt to mix bottles of treatment
don’t drip on table
mop it with tissue
fill my syringe
get blood on my hands
all over my arm
hope window cleaner isn’t due
put on tourniquet
put tourniquet on other arm cos need to mop up bleeding arm
hold tissue on shoulder with chin
stick needle in
inject stuff
stop half way through
wipe blood up
start again
take needle out
don’t care if blood spills on table
or floor
still going
still going
take off blood soaked plasters
still going
put on clean plasters
clean arm with steret wipe
another steret wipe
wonder why didn’t just have another shower
watch plaster
watch plaster
No blood.


Gum still going tho.


0 thoughts on “My Psycho Moment…

  1. “So give them blood, bloodGallons of the stuff.Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough.Give them blood, blood, blood.Grab a glass because there’s going to be a flood”.Master Bates has left the building…I hope;)


  2. Those first two pics are strangely pretty. Must be because the blood is wet. It’s inspiring me to put red ribbons on my sleeves… ;-D


  3. Ok Jae – that wasn’t cryptic at all – once again I’m a blonde twit:)Norman – Norman of course, whatever else would you have meant!I thought it was pretty too Bryony, might prick meself on both shoulders and make it a statement. Statement of lunacy some might say…No more shower incidents thus far.X


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