Don’t Disturb The Scab

… as my mother said to me, while I was hobbling down the kitchen towards the microwave with a tub of carrot and coriander.

I have got various things to tell you, blogees. But I have not got the energy to write much more than this in one go.

See that’s it. I’m done in.

Anyhoo – if you can hang around a bit longer I’ll try and expand on the various things that are occurring currently (now that’s one too many currs for my liking!)

1. No bleeding in February thus far – don’t tell anyone, my womb lining might hear you and decide its had enough of being sidelined and needs to make a speedy comeback with a new hairdo but to all intents and purposes the same motivation … gore galore!

2. My trace of the adoption has, after a slightly hesitant and covert start, moved on apace and more is being revealed and illuminated than ever before.

3. Ade and I had a trip into the Welsh hills on Monday this week looking for a woman who can do for Chronic Fatigue what Hugh FW has done for battery farming – i.e. hopefully get rid. We found her halfway up a hill and have got a whole new plan of attack, tons of bumpf and another vast array of supples and miners and vits, along with a book and a load of articles to back up her advice.

Just in case you’re feeling swizzed – that’s not the expansion that’s merely the teaser, as these TV types like to say. The prologue before the novella, the preview before the performance, the canape before the cordon bleu … ok, now I’m bigging it up way too much. Suffice to say I will update anon. If you can hang on. Please.


Wishing Tom, Ade’s cousin, a happy birthday for yesterday.
And wishing the boys going to Paris for Dave’s 40th a blooming good time!

0 thoughts on “Don’t Disturb The Scab

  1. I can’t wait to hear all the details. In the mean time, I’ve gone to ‘by invitation only,’ so send me an email if you want to read all the boring, depressing stuff going on in my life, and I’ll send you an invite.MYS/


  2. I always said your ma had a way with words…eurgh!Ready and waiting to hear more from you when you have the energy to write it!Bx


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