Mad March – the beginning

I forgot how to do this.

Or did I just tire of the sound of my own writing?

Or am I just a lazy arse who cannot be bothered to type but who does keep checking her own blog, juuuust in case someone has kindly updated it for her…

Probably a combo of the bottom two. I have been told that to give you a few little snippets and then b****r off for a number of weeks is somewhat mean, and I tend to agree. However I may actually be talking to myself by now, because anyone who used to read this probably got fed up of the scab being undisturbed and have found far better things to do with their spare minutes than read Ros’s ramblings.

So Ros, let me tell you all about March mania.

Ooo do, it sounds such fun.

The month started well I think – hard to remember it now but I think it was fairly non-eventful. Actually no, that’s a total fib. We had Karen come up from London the first weekend. Was lovely to see her and spend a few relaxing hours together catching up and eating scrummy meatballs. Mmmm meatballs. She had another journey which turned into an epic quest of woman pitted against the evil force that is public transport. Karen won’t mind me saying but for her, every journey is a journey into the unknown arrival time. She set off quite happily with her journey all planned out and an eta of 2.30 Saturday afternoon.

I had a call around midday – “The bus took far longer than normal to get into London and I’ve missed the train by half an hour!”

Oh eck. And so it starts again… 🙂

She had spoke to the chappie on the ticket desk, he told her the next train she could get would not get her to us until half 5, and would mean a good hour stuck at the station.
“Never mind,” said she, I got me laptop, I’ll do some work and the time will whizz by.”
I did some quick checking on web and found a train she could get instead that would go from a different station but would get up to Brum in no time and we could go up and fetch her.
“Ooo I dunno, I wouldn’t want you to come into Brum at end of shopping time to collect me.”
Fair point. Not that we’d have minded but I know what she’s saying.
Then I got another call…
“Just spoken to another bloke and he’s given me a train time from another platform that goes into Brum and then I can get a train on from there to Kiddy, and I’ve got just enough time to get there, and it’s cheaper!”

“Hurrah!” we both cried, and off she went.

After a lovely 24 hours off she went again and I think had an almost straightforward journey home. Maybe one day she have an event free journey? And terminal 5 will have a day with no lost luggage. Or maybe she’ll just buy that car and get up here in 2 hours? Hehe.

We had an Aycinena double – Kitty and wee James came up the next weekend. It was a tractor and trailer and tea and cake filled fiesta. Much fun had and I believe James is still talking about the big blue tractor – and I’m sure he doesn’t mean the one on the telly! There’s no tales of the unexpected travelling for this weekend. Kit drove and got here safe and sound, simple as that.

While Kitty was up I started having back pain. Both sides of my back, just below my waistline, on either side of me backbone. Bit of a dull ache which made me feel uncomfy when I was sat, or stood – although lying seemed to be ok with a hottie in the small of me back.

After they’d gone on the Monday the pain seemed worse, altho it was only on the left side now but was radiating ( now there’s a medical term I ain’t qualified to use) round into my tum and down into where I imagine my ovary to be. I’d started talking some paracetamol by this point but this was doing nothing. I rang the hospital. Something was telling me it wasn’t just going to go away. And having had internal bleeding before I had a little voice saying what if it was that. I had a jab just in case.

The hospital eventually got back to me Wednesday I think? Partly my fault having not expressed the urgency of the situation I spose. I am quite talented in that area apparently. When I spoke to them on Weds I made it clear I was coming up no matter what! I was on tramadol by this point but that wasn’t really killing it.

Mum was around to drive me up luckily cos I wasn’t in a position to drive. I wasn’t in any position at all, cos every one hurt by this point. Hot water bottles helped at night, but I wasn’t really sleeping, even with the sleeping pill and the tramadol, and spent the day moving from one painful position into another. They were good when we got there. Gave me a spot to lie down in the sunshine and I had a nap. Slightly helped by the higher doses of tramadol and the paracetemol I was taking by this point and the lack of sleep.

They ummed and ahhed a little but did do a wee and blood samples. Not while I was sleeping obviously.

The results were inconclusive, a bit of blood in my wee and a raised summat, so they ordered a CT of my kidneys. By this point they were of the opinion that it might be kidney stones. I was of the opinion I didn’t care, as long as I could have some more tramadol or praps some anasthesia please?

0 thoughts on “Mad March – the beginning

  1. You can’t leave us hanging like that me love! I’m afraid you will just have to write more. Otherwise I’ll make you read Iain’s account of two weeks on the road and that’s a threat and no mistake! ;-DThe main thing is you have to let us know if you are better or not!Bx


  2. Yeah! I ‘Gree with B. For all we know, you’re a Tramadol addicted, meatball munching, hot-water bottle Lover;) We worry when you’re not blogging and when you are, we’re left with these little cliffhangers that worry us even more;)Great to see you up and blogging again Mrs C:)Jaexx


  3. I had a few kidney stones a few years ago – much more dramatic pain than you described, maybe yours were smaller – do your doctors know they can actually look for these on x-rays and ultra-sounds, rather than just guess?


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