Government Announce Results of their Contaminated Blood Review

I'm really upset. The government are doing the least amount they can for those who meet the stage 2 Skipton Fund criteria and widows who can prove that their partners met that criteria. This is a small minority of our community and an inadequate, difficult to fulfil criteria. It is so minimal I'm bloody crying. What … Continue reading Government Announce Results of their Contaminated Blood Review


Sometimes I hear singing in the silenceSometimes I see colours in the darkSometimes I feel the warmth of a hug though I'm aloneSometimes I sit in sunlight,surrounded by people,and am deaf, blind and numb

Rut Race

I'm down, deep deep down.No air. No light. No where.I reach out blindly. Feeling forward with my hands.Slowly, tentatively.I touch soft, damp, something.Rub my fingers together. It crumbles.Press my fingers further, dig them into it.Up to the wrists, hands suffocating...Get them out! Get me out!!!I scream but produce a thin stream of air.Try again. No … Continue reading Rut Race