May I Be Well…

My friend and I recently went to hear a man called Dr David R Hamilton speak.

Dr Hamilton is an ex-scientist who now writes books and speaks in a motivational manner.  That is not the way he would market himself I am sure, but that is my understated synopsis.  If you would like to see how he does market himself you can do that here:

Dr David R Hamilton’s website

I came to know him because the same friend lent me a book he had written:

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

I read it in no time – and yes, with CFS that isn’t always easy but this book was straightforward and fascinating.  I would recommend checking it out if you are interested in any way in how the mind can have real impact of the condition and health of the body.

We attended his talk in Birmingham, which was on the same subject, and found him to be indeed a motivational and very entertaining speaker who makes complex ideas simple and has a great way with examples.  Whilst at the talk I purchased another book of his:

Why Kindness Is Good For You

It is this book to which the title of this post refers. In another Ros nutshell this book is about the direct impact kindness has been proven to have on your health.  Not just kindness towards others but also kindness towards yourself, and how behaving in this manner can change the very structure of our brains, can make us happier and improve our immune systems. Do I mean that by being unkind I am responsible for my having a bleeding disorder?  Unlikely because that is an inherited genetic condition. However, it is suggested that by not being kind we put stresses on our nervous systems to the detriment of our health. Some of the examples given of the conditions improved in David’s book include depression, stress, inflammation, heart disease, blood pressure and pain.

That may or may not have relevance to the current state of my health but it is something that I can see the evidence for and I believe it is therefore worth a try.  It involves not only being kind and compassionate  towards others – which is not always as straightforward as it sounds.  But what is also important is being kind to yourself. Treating your self with compassion and love – whatever you feel you deserve or how lowly your opinion of you.

Within Chapter 1 is included an exercise which the reader can perform.  The idea is that meditation is a good way to alleviate stress and depression.  The meditation to try is a Buddhist Loving-Kindness meditation which is good for increasing positivity and pain relief. The book explains how to perform this meditation and includes the words which you use as a starting point.  The premise is that you begin with yourself and you can then expand the meditation outwards through your family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, doctors, basically anyone and everyone you ever come into contact with.  You can aim to incorporate as many or as few people as you like, or you can start small and do only the circle closest to you.

I lay on my bed this morning and thought I’d give it a go.

I relaxed.

Closed my eyes.

I listened to my breathing.

Paid attention to it going in.

And out.

“May I be well,


May I be happy


May I be at ease”

I focussed on my heart.

On generating a warm positive feeling.

“May I be well,


May I be happy


May I be at ease”

Breathing in.

And breathing out.

Feeling relaxed.

And positive.

And calm.

“May I be well,


May I be happy


May I be at ease”


I opened my eyes.

Kept my breathing calm.

And relaxed.

Feeling positive.

Slowly got up from the bed.

Walked to the bedroom door.

“May I be well,”

Walked into door frame.

“May I be ow bloody door frame,

May I be not flipping bashing myself into the frigging door frame,

May I be at ease, buggerit.

Hahahaaa!  Oh dammit.”

Hmmmm, not quite how the Buddhists do it I expect.  Think I’ve got work to do.  And start on myself.

0 thoughts on “May I Be Well…

  1. Written in true Ros style. the thing was tho, I knew something like what was written in the last few lines was coming (must be getting to know you a bit eh?!) but still laughed out loud! Thank you my dear friend xxxx


  2. Thanks Greenwords – I have been reading some of the blog you recommend and I do like it. On a personal note would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine?Karen – thanks honey, you obviously know me far too well. Or praps I'm just predictababble eh?? Hehe 🙂


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