HCV and Me – An Affair To Forget

You came into my life insidiously.
Like a demon you crawled under my skin,
through my veins and into the heart of me.
Unaware of the danger I plunged on,
not understanding what it was
I was introducing to myself.
You were there
from the very beginning,
intrinsically part of me.
But I knew nothing.
Ignorant of how you were taking over my body,
destroying my soul.
When, later on, I discovered you,
you blew me away.
Turned me upside down
dragged me inside out.
Flung my life in an unexpected, unbalanced direction.
You exposed my dark and twisted self.
I was never to be the same.
I railed and fought to resist
the all encompassing nature 
of your poison.
Yet you clung to me,
weighing me down,
changing me,
infecting me,
draining me.
Now am I free of you?
Are you gone?
Have you left me, in peace?
Or still dangling,
turning like a body hanging from a tree,
waiting for the wind to pick me up
and play with me once again.
I hate you.
For the gifts you gave me.
The tumultuous emotional tornado,
the paralysing physical pain.
But you made me.
Who I am.
You are still hidden within.
There will always be a fragment of me

devoted to you.

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