Joking apart …

People tell me I have a positive outlook on life.  During my life I’ve been told this a fair few times.  I usually think nothing of it and thank them.  Recently, however, I’ve begun to question myself.  Do I??

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow.  Actually that was Whitney not me, it ain’t a bad philosophy but it ain’t mine.  My decision was to follow Eric and Ernie in thinking there should be more happiness in this world.  To apply Brian’s philosophy to look for the glint of hope in even the biggest piece of poo that life deals us.  Thus I’ve tried to face most challenges with a smile and used my sense of humour to distract myself from difficulties.

Recently I find myself wondering if the sh*t really is just that – sh*t.  And mebbe I’ve known that all along.  Have I just been kidding myself??  Is my positivity a sham?  A facade?  Am I actually full of sh*t??

Maybe hearing people say too often – it’s amazing how positive you are – begs the question, why the hell am I?  And then, in fact … am I?  Or is it a discipline I’ve adopted for so long I’m smothered in layers and layers of positive attitude and unable to see the real Ros, whoever and whatever she may be?  Whatever and however she may feel.

Maybe upbeat-ism it is my shield of steel?  Maybe I wear my carefree cape for protection?  To protect me from delving deep into my deepest darkest innermost feelings??  Where reality could be pain and disappointment and gut wrenching inadequacies.  To protect me from honesty?  Or to protect others perhaps?  From having to hear about it.  From perhaps feeling pity, or sympathy, or guilt, or disgust?  Not feelings I’d want to engender in anyone.  I don’t want that.  Not any more.

Perhaps I actually am this damn perky?  Perhaps I do laugh out loud in the supermarket, sing when I feel lonely and smile in the dark.  Maybe my antidote to the less fun stuff is positivity and hope?  What’s wrong with that?  Is that not the best way to be?

Always looking on the bright side can be tricky when it’s raining on the inside.

Should I turn my face towards the rain?  Seek out and face my truth?  Or turn away, put on that brave face, and smile …

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