Cruel, blood bourne virusWhat did they do to deserve you?Which batches of life saving treatmentConcealed you, left you waitingTo cause your devastationFor years and years and years?Like characters on a stageThe infected ones play their partIn this real-life tragedy.Life, death, love, sufferingIs their plot; performance not rehearsedBut delivered with anger and passion.No producers here; the … Continue reading CONTAMINATED

You were only waiting for an angel from above

The sun was out and so were we.The conversation meandered past my ears.Amidst the children's shouts arose another sound.Gradually we stopped and listened.As we silenced, he crescendo-ed.We sought him out and his voice drew the eye.Perched on the conifer top.Basking his bright beak in the sun.He sang from the depth of his tiny body.Performing his … Continue reading You were only waiting for an angel from above


Sometimes I hear singing in the silenceSometimes I see colours in the darkSometimes I feel the warmth of a hug though I'm aloneSometimes I sit in sunlight,surrounded by people,and am deaf, blind and numb

April Showers

There are showers in Shrubbery Streetthey are coming from my nose.There's a fireman living in my headwho keeps switching on his hose.Every time I sneeze,they come in twos and threes,I'm forced to my kneesand need to wear a bib.The floorboards quake,the ceiling shakes,my poor body achesand I think I popped a rib.My head is filled … Continue reading April Showers