On the first of December . . .

. . . my von Willies gave to me
a bleedi-ing belly button.


Yes, I know – that isn’t right. I’ll have a jab and if that doesn’t knock it on it’s little button head I’ll get it checked out.

Yes, I know – that is the Love Bugs nightie – sorry Louise 😦 but I’m sure it’ll come out in the wash.

Half and half sleep / no sleep tonight – mebbe I’m excited bout Christmas – well it is December after all . . .


0 thoughts on “On the first of December . . .

  1. Christ – ring the centre – up your prophy to 100% in the meantime petal, that is NOT good. After my lap they kept me on daily 100% clotting for 8 days, and then 3000 units every other day(ie apx 60% levels)for another week.I do hope you are ok, any internal pain, feeling faint get to A&E immediately.H xxx


  2. Well, how’s my button?I didn’t have any internal pain – that’s all gone now, and I never felt faint so I hope you’re reassured H??That blob really is only the size of a squished Malteaser – ok, Jae you got me, I lay on one in bed alright!I’m cleaning it everyday and every day that makes it bleed but only a little. It looks different too – obviously, as the surgeon put a stitch in it but still, it’s not as compact and bijou a bb as it used to be. Not that it’s gonna be displayed in an eighties style crop top anytime soon so I’m not really concerned!I’m sure it’ll dry up any day now – it is 3 weeks tomorrow after all!


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