I’m still bleeding . . . yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hellooo and welcome to my first proper post of 2008 – 2008 can you believe it!!
Where did 1974 – 2007 go to??

Anyway, having bled horrifically for nigh on 2 years I’ve been on the hormone pill Norethisterone 3 times a day since November. Great, you might think – no more bleeding . . . you clearly didn’t pay attention to the title of this post!

Since I started re-taking the hormones 2 things have happened.

Firstly my skin has erupted in a manner akin to a woman possessed by a demonic blemish-creating ghoul. I am covered in spots, zits, puss filled sores which quite frankly are slightly unsightly. And when I say covered I mean, my chin, my cheeks, my neck, my front, my back but – thankfully – not my arms or my legs. These remain under their winter cover of clothing and hair but I shall be proud to bear them when the sun comes out. Ade is currently delighting in pointing them out to me – should I forget quite how badly I am afflicted.

Secondly the bleeding that was heavy and prolonged but in my eyes predictable, has become slightly less heavy and less prolonged but totally unpredictable. I’m not sure which I prefer. Actually, it’s obviously the second option – less bleeding is gooood. However I am now in a position where I have no bleed free period. It is all period period but then again maybe it isn’t. What I mean is I have absolutely no idea when any bleeding might start and for how long it could go on.

This results in a period paranoia. I go everywhere armed with sanitary product. My sanitary basket of tricks never leaves the side of my toilet bowl. Not a day goes by when I do not have an Always Ultra on. Or at least that is how it is now. Having had a couple of minor incidents. A couple is a slight underestimate if you include those which occured in bed – altho my light (non) sleeping ensures that any sudden erruptions (of a bloody not a spotty kind) are instantly banished to the bathroom and dealt with firmly. Not perhaps before a small element of leakage and staining occurs but we have a new washer which is most effective at blood removal, thank goodness.

The pre-Christmas Sainsbury’s incident is not one to be cherished. Imagine being half way through your grocery shopping, having left it to a point when you have no food in any cupboard / fridge and the cat is bringing in offerings that look vaguely appetising. You have left it too late to internet order because it would be at least another 48 hours without food and in fact your stash of the 2 t’s (towels and tampons) is such, that an emergency drag yourself round Sainsbury’s is unavoidable. Either that or revert to the somewhat dusty Mooncup. Half way round with a trolley that contains some but not all your necessities you feel a little rush. Not of excitement at the latest two for one on deodrant, but of blood emanating from between your thighs. Luckily-ish you did pop a panty liner in this morning but their capacity for absorbing a Mooncup or three’s worth of blood in a short period of time is not something that has ever been put to a scientific test.

For some reason I didn’t think to abandon my trolley and run like a leaking leopard to the ladies. Maybe I thought the security guard would tackle me to the floor with my unopened pack of Super Plus Extra. I kept going. Walking in a quickened but gliding pace around the aisles in an attempt not to dislodge anything that might be about to exit stage south. Every time I felt anything dribble I held my breath as if that would stay its flow, as if gravity was there to be defied.

Somehow I made it round my absolute essentials (milk, bread, cat crunchies, tampons, towels) and got through the checkout and into the loo before my jeans gave the game away. It was a near thing but I shall endorse the Always panty liner as a absorbing miracle if anyone asks.

From that moment on I have never been without a knicker full of a normal, proper period designed, product.

I spoke to my haematologists after new year, in case they too were concerned about my sudden floods that lasted a few days and then stopped again without rhyme or reason and with continuous Norethisterone. They weren’t, as long as I wasn’t pregnant, which is fairly unlikely when you’re bleeding most of the time and when you’re not you think you might start any minute. And not that likely when you’re on the pill, but not impossible obviously.

A few days later I received a letter from my gynae doc suggesting that as I was still bleeding I should add Noramin another hormone pill to the mix. This combination was the one that kept me bleed free for the last 17 years so I thought this was a jolly sensible idea.

Sadly the commencement of the Normain three weeks ago co-incided with the commencement of a wet patch following a brief dry one. The wet patch has been rather large and flowing with a number of concerningly sized clots and again seems to come and go daily. I’m assuming that this is a teething issue. Once my poor old body gets used to yet another hormone coursing through it, it will fall into line, turn off the taps and let me put away the 2 t’s once and for all . . .

. . . now there’s an appealing prospect.


0 thoughts on “I’m still bleeding . . . yeah, yeah, yeah!

  1. Oh dear! My dear Ros! I feel for you (albeit in gloves fashioned from Always Ultra;), I really do! I have said before, and I will say again…Us men bleeders really don’t know how lucky we are! If there is anything I can do to help then please let me know. Is there anything I can send you to make things more comfortable? Cling film panties perhaps? I do hope that you dry up soon my dear, or at least become a little more predictable with your bloody deposits as you giggle your way around Tescos.As for the spots…I know something that works wonders;)Thinking of you Mrs C:)JaexXx


  2. Bloody hell!!! I can’t believe some doctor hasn’t decided that you’re an ‘interesting case,’ and given you a full range of hormonal tests, to see what’s going on here. I hope stopping this blood bath is as simple as getting you on the correct hormones. Has anyone ever checked you for fibroids?


  3. You poor mare. May I recommend Depo Provera IM(I’d whole-heartedly recommend 100% Factor VIII uplift immediately prior to the jab)? It’s a shock to the sex drive after the perky effects of Norethisterone (though lets face it Haemorrhage Sex Woman Mode can be a bit of a turn off!) but within a few weeks should provide you with bleed free weeks leading to bleed free months. It will however TOTALLY bugger up the whole conception thing for months on end tho :-/.Sending you love hugs, antibiotic vibes and a bearably empty and uninteresting womb in the activity department.Helen xxxxxxxxxx


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