Get Well From ME

I discovered these videos the other day through a Facebook friend and fellow CFS sufferer.  The maker and narrator of the videos, Giles Meehan, is a recovered ME patient.  That makes him sound like an alcoholic – sorry Giles.  The point is he has got better and he has developed a website and a number of really informative videos to raise awareness about this often misunderstood, far more common than you might think, and devastating illness.

I found this really easy to follow as he incorporates subtitles into the video to back up what he is saying.  It is an excellent introduction to the condition of ME / CFS and makes it clear how complex a disorder this is in terms that someone struggling to understand will comprehend.

If you check out his website:

Get Well From ME
you can read the entire transcript for this and see the rest in his excellent series of videos.  However, I also intend to publish them on here in time.

Hope that you find this informative – for me it was a case of total recognition.


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