Narration Explanation

The content of the post below this was my statement for the Lord Archer Independent Inquiry into Contaminated Blood.

The recommendations from this inquiry have largely been ignored, however EDM 538 supports a Bill which aims to make them law and already has the support of 126 MP’s.

The Bill comes in front of the House of Commons on Friday 5 February. Please ask your MP for his support in passing this Bill and signing EDM 538. I did and mine has.

Contamination Narration is my life as defined by my medical conditions. It is not my life in full.

I am one of the lucky bleeders still alive and fighting.

I am one of the lucky bleeders who did not contract HIV as a child.

I am one of the lucky bleeders who treated Hep C and kicked it out of me.

I do know how lucky I am.

I’m thinking of the others.

0 thoughts on “Narration Explanation

  1. Hi Ros, how the heck are you? I think Hep C teaches the body/mind how to be depressed, and it's hard to change 'learned behavior' even after the cause of the depression is eliminated. How's Jason doing? I see that he stopped blogging more than 6 months ago.Take care,uncertain/MYS


  2. Hellooo uncertain!!Lovely to hear from you after all this time. I have to say I let my blog go for a long time but I'm hoping – creativity permitting – I can get it going again. I found that it helped me to write it.What you say is very interesting. I agree that the Hep C has a long lasting negative effect, even if you are able to kick it. It certainly has on me.How are you doing these days??Jae is doing well I think, I've passed on your thoughts to him. He doesn't blog much anymore but does a lot of cycling, photographing and kayaking still – and he's also recently started climbing – which is fab ;)Lots love Ros xxx


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