And the germs keep coming, coming …

On the second night of lurgy,my bad bug gave to me:12 tatty tissues11 sniffs a snivelling10 turns a tossing9 sudden sneezes 8 soothers sucked7 toilet trips6 chapters read5 vay pour ruuuubs4 drinks of water3 sleeping tablets2 lem sips And a damn near non-existent night's sleeeeeep!- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

April Showers

There are showers in Shrubbery Streetthey are coming from my nose.There's a fireman living in my headwho keeps switching on his hose.Every time I sneeze,they come in twos and threes,I'm forced to my kneesand need to wear a bib.The floorboards quake,the ceiling shakes,my poor body achesand I think I popped a rib.My head is filled … Continue reading April Showers