Contaminated Blood House of Commons Debate – 14.10.10

Around 100 of us crowded into the public gallery in the House of Commons last Thursday to hear a historic back bench debate on contaminated blood products.  Haemophiliacs and von Willebrands, infected and affected, wives and husbands, families of those too sick to be there and widows and children of those who have died.We had … Continue reading Contaminated Blood House of Commons Debate – 14.10.10

Contaminated Blood Demonstration 30-06-2010

This week I attended the Contaminated Blood demonstration in London.  This is my account of the event:Karen and I and wheely bags.Train from Kiddypork pie and sandwiches.Change at SmethickDisappearing trainWhat the... where d'it go?? Next one appearsWill we make connection?Two minutes to spare,cross platform onto London train.Phew.Oh no.Fatality on the line.Diversion via Staffordnorth to go … Continue reading Contaminated Blood Demonstration 30-06-2010